Blending entrepreneurship and corporate experience in Sales, HR, Community Affairs and Business Development with State Farm Insurance, NW Natural, McDonald’s Corporation, Allstate Insurance and Calo Programs, provides Erica with a keen understanding of how conflict and contention impacts employee morale and net profits.


As a nationally recognized Adoptee Rights Advocate and legislative change agent, Erica realizes how transformation is possible through communication, negotiation and Speaking in Green.


Clients include Bill Duke Media headed by actor, director, and producer, Bill Duke, American Adoption Congress, Clariant, and numerous small businesses, families and schools.

Growing a peaceful world with Green Words


Those who seek Erica’s services can learn how to examine personal views on conflict and navigate difficult conversations with more confidence to improve their businesses and families.

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You have the ability to resolve issues without the exorbitant legal and court fees. When two or more people sit down in a neutral environment to discuss their issues and find a solution that is mutually agreeable, it is empowering and satisfying. The cost to mediate is incomparably less than legal and court fees. In the end, it is a better solution to ending conflict than any other means. 


Indira Gandhi said, “you can’t shake hands with a clenched fist”. Mediation allows you to unclench your fists. Although studies vary, most agree that on average 85-95% of mediations are settled out of court. Of those remaining, many settle within days or weeks prior to a scheduled court appearance. Most who experience Transformational Mediation emerge with a better understanding of effective “green” communication and develop conflict management skills to enhance their future professional and personal lives. 

Erica Babino teaches leaders, employees, and families the power of “green” words to resolve conflicts.

Conflict can have serious consequences on our businesses and families. Erica is a consultant, guide and coach for those seeking to advance their conflict management and mediation skills. Her mantra is “everyone deserves to live and work in peace”.

Before launching Speak in Green Consulting, Erica studied and worked as a mediator for more than 10 years. She is the author of, Rolling into Peace: Speaking in Green, the first in a series of children’s books on the subject of mediation, resolving conflict, diversity and using her unparalleled concept of “speaking in green”. This concept applies to all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and more and combines respect, civility and strong conflict resolution skills.