Speak in Green: Families

Speak in Green Family

Struggles between pre-teens/teens and parents have been the norm for generations.
It’s a natural part of our development.  Sometimes these challenges can be compounded by elements such as loss, grief, disagreement, and avoidance creating contention within all types of families.

  • Biological

  • Adoptive

  • Single

  • Same-sex or

  • Other family structures

Speak in Green Consulting will help your family discover solutions.


We will help you to:

  • Identify struggles and illuminate opportunities for growth.

  • Deal with life after wilderness or residential therapeutic programs.

  • Examine how inner conflict results in outer struggles within the family.

  • Discuss racism and colorism (for transracial adopted/bio families).

  • Understand culture and interpersonal communication such as Code Switching.

  • Understand and respect boundaries when there are major challenges.

  • Develop or enhance skills in resolving conflict using simple mediation techniques.

  • Identify strategies tailored for your specific family needs.

  • Assist and identify expectations/realities of search and reunion (for adoptees/families).

  •  Feel empowered and confident. 

Fees are customized to the needs of each family. A sliding scale is also available for special circumstances.