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Speak in Green School

Bullying, harassment and misconceptions about diversity can create strife that make school, and sometimes home, places of discontent for our children. Erica utilizes the concept of Speaking in Green described in her book to help children, teachers, individuals, and families find ways to deal with internal conflict that can manifest in poor decisions and behavior.

Speaking in Green is a communication practice for all children and adults. Green Words are words and phrases that promote and encourage dialogue. It involves kind, considerate and thoughtful speech. Red Words are ones that may cease or decrease communication and can be hurtful to the receiver. The immense power of Green Words will transform relationships and create more awareness of empathy and understanding.

Join Erica’s social movement aimed at strengthening our children’s emotional intelligence. Invite Erica Babino to your school for workshops, consulting and mentoring to support children, teachers and parents/guardians. Learn how to elevate the Speaking in Green Movement by incorporating curriculum-based classes and lesson plans utilizing her esteemed book, Rolling into Peace.


We know that the Speaking in Green concept moves far beyond childhood and helps shape our next empathetic and compassionate leaders of the future. If adults and children practice Speaking in Green daily, we can help transform lives and bring positive changes to our schools and communities.


Contact Erica today for a school specific curriculum with this innovative concept and be the positive change you wish to see in our children. We can start with two important Green Words. THANK YOU.

Peer Mediation


Rolling into Peace: Speaking in Green is an exceptional book for elementary students to learn about the importance of peer mediation. The characters in the book experience mediation from their teacher when a conflict arises. In turn, the students become excited about sharing the skills they learned with their peers.


School-based Peer Mediation is:


A process where student leaders of the same age group provide support for other students to resolve conflicts and disputes. Trained peer mediators serve as a neutral third party to help two students take ownership of their problem and though a facilitated discussion, reach a mutual decision that is fair and reasonable. As with adults, peer mediations are voluntary, confidential, impartial, and respectful. In Peer Mediations, we encourage all to Speak in Green.


Types of disputes that can be resolved through Peer Mediation in schools:


  • Playground disputes (Elementary)

  • Minor bullying/harassment

  • Culture and ethnic issues

  • Rumors and gossiping

  • Concerns about property

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Social Network Disputes


Not all conflict can be settled through peer mediation. Serious issues should be referred to school counselors, administrators or outside authority and based on the school’s policies and procedures.


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