Speak in Green: Business

Corporate Solutions: Conflict from the Inside Out

Online periodical smallbusiness.chrom.com lists 5 Causes of Conflict Between Employees in an Organization:

  • Differing Values

  • Opposing Interests

  • Personality Conflicts

  • Poor Communication

  • Personal Problems

Research shows that the same 5 causes are also universal in personal relationships as in workplace conflict. An effective leader and employee is one who develops insight and strategies for resolving conflict within themselves, their colleagues and the clients they serve.
Speak in Green’s Conflict Management: From the Inside Out provides keys to examining inner conflict to help resolve outside challenges.
Our services and workshops will:

  • Examine how inner conflict is exhibited in work relationships.

  • Discuss how cross cultural and diversity plays a role in conflict.

  • Identify and manage workplace conflict.

  • Provide exercises and tools for lifelong conflict resolution practices.

  • Present team building exercises related to conflict resolution.

  • Provide advisory, monitoring and evaluation services for businesses and non-profits.

  • Deliver professional mediation services for individuals or groups within your business or non-prof


Perhaps you and some of your fellow co-workers, or your department and another department are not working together effectively as effectively as you could because you are not using "green" words.  In order to communicate effectively, for example, it is important to know which words, when used properly, will effect change in the lives of its intended audience.  Erica will conduct a research and discovery session, and then customize a plan that is specifically tailored to your set of challenges.  She will also communicate the value of Green Communication benefitting each individual employee.
​Conflict Coaching for Individuals 

Perhaps your issue is more individualized and a private setting is best to resolve your challenges. Privacy and discretion are always used as we explore the best solution to resolve inner or workplace conflict.

Thank you for your contribution to the growth of our governance team.  I appreciate your talent, expertise and commitment to improving the lives of others and believe you had a positive and hopefully lasting impact last Tuesday while working with us.  You have a great week as well!


Gregory K. Adkins, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Lee County, Florida